Welcome to Cruise Aircraft

Our planes are designed for cruising.  They provide exceptional visibility, short field take-off, cruising speeds to just fly around the patch or go the distance. The all aluminum construction provides long-life, simplified maintenance, higher speeds and just good looks.

We only provide quick-build kits that allow the builder to complete the airplane in 200 hours. Our airplanes are for people who want to fly soon, not build for years. Assembly is straightforward and requires simple hand-tools.

All necessary aluminum forming is done; all solid-riveting is done; all welding is completed at the factory. Molded canopies and fiberglass parts are supplied. All the hardware is included. Rivet and bolt holes are pre-punched into all the parts. All part alignments, fastener spacing and measurements are set at the factory. When the builder aligns the holes, the parts are in the correct position. The builder is assembling an airplane, not building one from scratch.